Product Overview

Manage Your Child’s Asthma at Home and On the Go with Flexichamber

Flexichamber is a portable holding chamber (also called a spacer) designed to administer medicine stored inside asthma inhalers. Flexichamber helps children receive their full dose of medicine and control asthma symptoms.

How it Works

How it Works

Flexichamber is compatible with most metered dose inhalers (MDIs). The inhaler attaches to the blue backpiece of Flexichamber and dispenses the medicine directly into the Reservoir Bag. Children use the mouthpiece to take slow, deep breaths and inhale the medicine at their own pace. By guiding the medicine all the way from the inhaler to the lung tissue, Flexichamber helps children effectively manage their asthma.

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Easy to Use
Easy to Carry
Easy to Clean

Optimal Performance in a Compact Design

Flexichamber Diagram

1 Mouthpiece

Shaped and sized to work for children and adolescents

2 One-Way Inhalation Valve

Prevents medication from being exhaled back into the Reservoir Bag

3 Cover

Ensures that Flexichamber can be collapsed and securely stored

4 Structure

Durable structure collapses into a lightweight, portable device

5 Back piece

Flexible design allows compatibility with most asthma inhalers

6 Anti-Static Reservoir Bag

Allows caregivers to monitor breathing techniques

Indications for Use and Important Safety Information

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Indications for Use

Flexichamber® is an anti-static valved collapsible holding chamber intended to be used by patients under the care or treatment of a physician or licensed healthcare professional. The device is intended to be used by these patients to administer aerosolized medication from most pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs). The intended environments for use include home, hospitals, and clinics. This product is intended for patients who can follow verbal instructions.

The Flexichamber® Face Mask is intended to be used with the Flexichamber® Anti-static Valved Collapsible Holding Chamber and by patients under the care or treatment of a physician or licensed healthcare professional.

Important Safety Information

  • Rx Only
  • Flexichamber® and Flexichamber® Face Mask are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.
  • Before using the product, carefully examine the device for any damage (such as loose, broken, or missing parts; or holes, tears, or rips in the Reservoir Bag or Backpiece). Check for and remove any foreign objects in the chamber (Reservoir Bag) and mouthpiece to prevent possible choking hazards. If the product is damaged or is missing any parts then it should be replaced immediately. If necessary, use the MDI alone until a replacement Flexichamber® is obtained. If the patient’s symptoms worsen, please seek immediate medical care.
  • This product contains small parts (duckbill-shaped inhalation valve) which could pose a possible choking hazard if removed and ingested. Never remove the inhalation valve. Do not remove any other parts, except as described in the cleaning instructions.

Refer to the Instructions for Use for complete product information including proper use and cleaning of Flexichamber® and Flexichamber® Face Mask.

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