Instructions for Use

Instructions For Use

Teaching children and caregivers how to correctly use asthma management tools, such as Flexichamber and the Flexichamber Face Mask, is an important step. When asthma symptoms are controlled through routine care and proper education, patients are less likely to visit urgent care clinics and the emergency room for asthma-related treatments.

Watch the following video to learn how to properly use and clean Flexichamber and the Face Mask.

Please note: Flexichamber is a non-sterile, single-patient, multi-use device and should be used as directed by your child’s physician. Your healthcare provider will recommend frequency of use including amount of time to wait between doses. If the symptoms worsen, you should seek immediate medical care. Do not share your Flexichamber with anyone.

As Flexichamber is a device, there are no known common side effects when the product is used as provided. If you or your child are experiencing side effects, consult your child’s healthcare provider.

Children with asthma should be regularly assessed by a physician.